parentage and citizenship

France does not permit surrogacy but will recognize a US birth certificate and US Parentage Order/Judgment in certain instances.

Non-bio parents (gay or hetero) will need to adopt the child in France.

French counsel for the parent(s) will require the following documentation:

  • Certified and Apostilled US Parentage Judgment/Order
  • Certified and Apostilled Birth Certificate
  • Notarized Affidavit of Law of US Counsel (signed post-birth)

GC Matching Criteria / Complex Cases

French counsel must advise before any match is approved for any clients falling in the following categories:

  • No biological connection(s)
  • The parent(s) has other nationalities/connections with other countries (they may need advice in those countries if they want to secure nationality for their child there)

Birth Certificates

For single males, the birth certificate should only list the father's name (i.e. no mother).

For same sex couples, the birth certificate should only list the biological father.  An amended birth certificate can then be requested reflecting both fathers' names.

For hetero couples, the birth certificate should reflect both the Intended Father's and Intended Mother's name.

Returning to France / Clearing Immigration

Parent(s) may use either the UK or non-UK immigration line.

Parent(s) should have the following documents with them when clearing immigration:

  • US Birth Certificate
  • US Parentage Judgment/Order

preferred Counsel

Caroline Mecary

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Tel: +33 1 42 61 62 56

Fax: +33 1 42 61 62 85


Fabien G. Joly

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Direct line: +33 6 60 430 174

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