What it’s really like to welcome a child via surrogate


Hearts and minds aren’t won overnight -- but states need to follow the law of the land.


family building options for the lgbt community

What options does the LGBT community have for building their families as either singles or couples? Join our guests attorney Willard Halm...


Triplets' surrogate mom fights to keep baby boys

After Danielle Bimber gave birth Nov. 19 to the triplets she had carried as a surrogate mother, she was anticipating going home to her own three children in Corry, Erie County...


Dustin Lance Black shares his own journey to become the legal parent of his son, with husband Tom Daley.

Two men and a baby

There are no statistics on how many gay men are producing children through surrogacy... 



With high-tech babies come high-tech quandaries. The latest: should people with bigger bucks be able to buy better genes? The question stems from an ad recently placed in Ivy League...

my two dads, my two moms

It’s a palpable longing, the one for a house full of kids and all the trappings of parenthood.


Gay couples use surrogates to help grow families

Elizabeth Nila knows the child she's carrying isn't hers.

She also knows who the fathers are -- both of them...