parentage and citizenship

Spain will recognize a US birth certificate or US Parentage Order/Judgment.

The following documentation will be required to naturalize the child(ren):

  • Certified US Parentage Judgment/Order with an Apostille

  • Certified US Birth Certificate with an Apostille

  • Family Book (Libro de Familia)

Intended Parents may begin the naturalization of the child(ren) at the Spanish Consulate.

GC Matching Criteria / Complex Cases

Nothing to note.

Birth Certificates

The US birth certificate should reflect what the parent(s) would like the Spanish birth certificate to state.

For clarification purposes, a US birth certificate listing a same-sex couple is acceptable.

Returning to Spain / Clearing Immigration

Parent(s) may use either the EU or non-EU immigration line.

Parent(s) should have the following documents with them when clearing immigration:

  • US Birth Certificate

  • US Parentage Judgment/Order

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