Post Birth Steps

Now that your little bundle of joy has arrived, there will be certain written requests you will need to make in order to obtain items such as a certified copy of the birth certificate, a social security number, passport and perhaps even an apostille for your parentage judgment or birth certificate.

Birth certificate

You will likely need to submit a written request in order to obtain a certified copy of your child's birth certificate.  Depending on the urgency, the request can either be submitted by mail or made in person at the vital records office in the county in which your child was born.


For clients residing abroad, it may become necessary to have your child's birth certificate or the parentage judgment be further certified with a form of authentication referred to as an apostille.  

social security number

While it is possible to apply for your child's social security number via the birth hospital, it is highly recommended you not do so.  Instead, we suggest applying for the social security number via mail or upon returning home at your local social security office.


With your child's birth certificate in hand, you may now proceed with applying for your child's passport. Depending on urgency and your location within the U.S., this can be accomplished in one of two ways:  via an expediter or in person at a regional passport office.